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Color Scheme

Rich gold represents warmth and incorruptible purity. In Revelations, the streets of the New Jerusalem are described as being "Pure Gold" symbolizing the promises of God.
A deep royal purple symbolizes royalty and regality. It also carries biblical symbols of the purple robe placed on Jesus during His crucifixion and His kingship over the people.
A warm green symbolizes nature and growth. Olive trees are biblically associated with anointing and consecration as well as peace, promise and reconciliation.
Red symbolizes courage, wisdom, strength & sacrifice. In Proverbs, wisdom is described as more valuable than rubies, making it very desirable.
Deep blues are frequently associated with spirituality, truth, and wisdom. In the bible, sapphires represent the throne of God and His everlasting authority
Sea Salt
Mauve pink represents the feminine and the mystical. In the Bible, salt is frequent metaphor for covenants. Disciples are also called the "salt of the earth" to have impact on the world.
Cream is associated with purity and balance. Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a merchant seeking fine pearls, highlighting the preciousness of God's kingdom.
This deep brown black symbolizes a connection of the earth as well as the unknown. Black soil represents fertility, the potential for growth and bringing forth new life.


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