The Deborah Woman Editor

Hannah Priest

Growing up in a small town, Hannah began to understand the value of community. Later on, as a barista in the local coffee shop, she grew a deeper appreciation for the life stories of those she served daily. She attended Olivet Nazarene University, where she was able to harness her love of people and storytelling as she pursued a degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. Today, she works with the Office of Alumni and University Relations at Olivet where she seeks to build intentional relationships with those in the Olivet community through written communication, events, and even simple conversations over coffee.Within the last couple of years, Hannah has felt called to become a voice that encourages and inspires women, especially in today's culture, to share their stories to empower others and do so with joy. She firmly believes that each one of us, no matter what season of life we may be in, has a story worth sharing. In joining the team at SPLENDEUR Magazine, Hannah is excited to be a part of a mission to meet women where they are, and empower them to use their gifts to glorify God.When she isn't writing or working, you can more than likely find her visiting a coffee shop with her husband Jonah, spending time with friends and family, trying a new recipe, or planning her next adventure.


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