Editor in Chief

Kathryn Verster

Kathryn grew up in a military family. But rather than join the “family business,” she went to university to study theatre, later, moved overseas as a missionary, and has most recently filled the roles of wife, stay-at-home mom, and small business owner.Kathryn has always preferred working unobserved in the background, lending her support to a leader with vision. Whether in the theatre, where she trained in costume design; in church ministry, serving quietly through admin; or in worship, adding harmony to a beautifully sung melody, you’ll most often find her engaged in shining a light on what God is doing through others.One of the things this lady most loves to do is read. She loves reading great writing. And so too, she revels in polishing good writing to a high sheen. Her mission at SPLENDEUR is to support wonderful writers and to help make our magazine’s message clear, concise, and compelling.When she can drag herself away from editing well-spun words, you will find Kathryn spending time with her family; catching up on American and British history; or relishing the enjoyment of experiencing someone else’s God-given passion for what they do.


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